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One of the interesting programs of the American green card national interest that may already be familiar to your ears. The program is a U, S Permanent Resident where those who have this card could lawfully live and work legally in the United States. Referred to as a green card because the physical color of this card is green. Many people who want to get these cards in order to be a legitimate immigrant there. American issuing these cards in the hopes of immigrants variation is maintained in this state because most motivated people to be living in America is the hope of a better welfare. Green card programs of national interest is basically a program Permanent Resident; for those who have legal immigration status and are entitled to work just like an American citizen if they have a green card. The validity period of this status varies, of course, is different from the status of citizens of the State in which the permanent resident need to extend the validity period of their immigration status. The validity period varies greatly, there are two years, five years, or even ten years. At least it takes about seven years for permanent resident card holders before they decide to get the status of an American citizen.

A status American citizen can be obtained with the process of Naturalization, but there are some steps that can be taken to get a green card this. There are many people who perform marriages between nations in order to obtain a residence permit card of this or the other way is to follow the program the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. This program is made specifically by the United States Government to provide green cards for free for those who win the lottery. Indonesia is one country that is given the opportunity to participate in this lottery. A chance to win is arguably very tight, however, it does not hurt to follow this prize draw profit. Having a green card will give you a pretty good advantage, especially in terms of getting a dream job in the United States. Those who have permanent resident status could find a job just like the citizens of the United States. You know how it works in American culture. There are many good opportunities can be obtained to develop themselves and especially to improve the lives.